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மாஜி தலைமைச் செயலாளர் ராம்மோகன்ராவ் ஐ.ஏ.எஸ் மீது மத்திய அரசிடம் புகார்.


Mr RamMohanRao IAS the chief secretary until recently removed from office today(27.12.16) addressed the Press following the income tax raids on his residence and chamber in the State secretariat       He termed the recent search and seizure action of the Income Tax Department as a ” constitutional assault ” on the office of the Chief Secretary. He further stated that he was and still continues to be the Chief Secretary of the state. He further stated that he was appointed by Honourable ” PURATCHI THALAIVI AMMA” and was her dedicated and loyal servant. He also stated that the State Government dare not serve him with a transfer order and may be the present Chief Secretary was merely ” in charge ” thus implying there was a chance he would return back as Chief Secretary. He further exhorted the AIADMK party workers state government servants and Other IAS, IPS officer’s to protest this action of this Union Government. He further accused the Union Government of violating the Constitution and rights of Tamilnadu.     The All India Service Rules ( Conduct) 1968 clearly state the followingCriticism of Government.—No member  of the Service shall, in  any radio broadcast  or communication over  any public media or in any document published anonymously, pseudonymously  or in his own name or in the name of any other person or in any communication to the press or in  any public utterance, make  any statement of fact or opinion,—  i. ii. iii. Which has  the effect of  an adverse criticism of any current or recent policy or action of the Central Government or a State Government; or which is  capable of embarrassing the relations between the Central Government and any State Government; or which is  capable of embarrassing the relations between the Central Government and the Government of any Foreign State.  


  In public interest we demand that it is your constitutional duty to clarify the status of Mr RammohanraoIAS and initiate strict action for violation of All India Service Rules (Conduct) 1968.     We were shocked when he issued a call to his fellow IAS officers to join him to protest this legitimate action by the Union Government.      His statements thanking Mamta Banerjee Chief Minister of Bengal and the AIADMK party spokesperson clearly betray his political ambition.      We  thus  expect that strict action would be taken against this officer who has tried to use this action to  indulge in politicking and damage the harmonious relations between the Union and the State.                   

மக்கள்செய்திமையம் 27.12.16 இரவு 11மணி..                                       



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